What are Lightforce™ Braces?

LightForce™ Braces are the world’s first 3D printed braces. After your teeth are initially captured and evaluated at your consultation appointment, the dentist positions them on a computer for optimal function and esthetics.

Lightforce™ Braces are the first 3D-printed braces in the world and are created for every tooth with a special prescription that is specific to each patient's situation. Utilizing this technology makes LightForce™ Braces the most advanced braces in the world!

Traditional Braces or Lightforce™ Braces?

All conventional braces—metal, transparent, and even self-ligating—are prefabricated and in stock. In other words, the braces we use on your teeth are precisely the same size, shape, and arrangement as those we use on every other patient. Orthodontists spend countless additional months and appointments repositioning braces and bending wires to attempt and get the teeth in the proper position after the fact because it is a "one size fits all" method. The particular shape of your teeth is not taken into account by conventional braces. It's similar to purchasing a suit off the rack and then having to visit a tailor to get it tailored to fit your body.

This conventional method is perfectly fine; orthodontists have been using it for years. However, LightForce™ Braces provide a contemporary fix to improve the braces' experience.

Which LightForce™ Bracket design will you choose?

There are two options to make sure your own style and smile match.

  • The Cloud Bracket is a striking, all-white accent.
  • The Light Bracket is a translucent clear. Barely noticeable!

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